Morganne Flood


About Me

Hi, I'm Morganne! I'm currently based in Orlando, Florida, and I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a major in Marketing in 2021. Through the guidance of my professors, I have been able to learn about the principles of marketing. More specifically, I have learned about marketing strategy and how to implement it, one's online presence and utilizing SEO, and working strategically with a group to determine a problem and solution for a company. With my experience and in my current role, I have seen tremendous growth in engagement in the social media channels that I have managed. I am now pursuing a Master's of Business Administration at UCF to further my education and learn foundational skills to become an effective leader. I am dedicated to providing consistent branding and a relevant, engaging tone in my copy and media content. I am passionate about marketing and excited about the prospect of implementing my experiences for an amazing company.